This a monster and a class, so I'll start with the class.


The Necromancer is made to hurt himself and hurt enemies.


The Necromancer has 5000 hp and 4000 mp, while a normal attack does 300 damage.


Voodoo: does 300 damage to the necromancer and 500 damage to all enemies. cost 500 mp

Cursed Skull: stuns the necromancer (he cant do anything on his next turn) and stuns all the enemies. cost 250 mp

Death's Hater: necromancer halves his health and heals an ally for 2500 hp. costs 1000


The necromancer has 3000 hp.

Attack PatternEdit

The necromancer does 200 damage. His attack pattern is to attack twice and then afterwards the necromancer will cast Omni, which does 550 damage to every ally.

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